>Hooked on Glee!


Anybody else hooked on Glee?
The pilot came out early in the year after 30-second commercials running off and on for weeks. Very good ads, too. Not many teasers convince me to give a show a look. I try to avoid television as much as possible because given my druthers, I’d pull the refrigerator into the living room, plant my butt on the sofa with blankets and a pillow and not move for days. New shows have to make it past my fight against lethargy. Glee made the cut.
Of course, I only watched the first episide on television. All others I’ve watched on hulu the day after they hit TV because I like to rewind and hear the songs a couple of times–also because the kid really can’t watch it. The storylines and dialogue are a little over the top for a pre-teen. I love the singing more than anything, though, and always call her in after I discover a new musical number in an episode. I was astounded to find out after the first few episodes that those actors were really doing the singing.
I’m not that hooked on the content of the show…it’s pretty out there in a lot of ways, but the singing is just plain fun. If you don’t want to spend time watching the whole show, check out the singing on youtube. Just search for Glee. Oh, and I’ve even purchased a couple of the numbers for the kid’s Ipod. One of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7on0Z70UP4U
In other news, I’m almost at the halfway point on my nano book. Getting set to write this morning with L. Shannon. She’s made it up with me every morning this week at 4 a.m., and she’s far from a morning person. Boo-yah!
Off to work some more…have a great day!


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