>Computer Woes & Geeks


Took my miserably slow laptop to the geeks at the Geek Squad today (at Best Buy). They ran a test on it for viruses, which I was pretty sure it didn’t have. It didn’t.

I asked if it could a memory problem. The geek said this model only has two slots, and the limit for the machine is 2 megs of memory. Both slots are already filled with 512’s in each of them (apparently totaling 1 meg, although it really sounded like 1024 to me?)

Now, I’m like, “Can’t I just buy two 1 megs, unplug the 512’s and put the 1’s in there?? (To me, the nongeek, it’s like “unplug that and plug in this, right?” One plus one is still equal to two, right? Or 2048…whatever.)

He said, “Sure, but you’ve got to (bunch of English words that when put together sounded like a foreign language), so you’ll need to spend $175.” (THAT I understood perfectly.) I said, “Is that going to make it faster?” He said, “Well, a little, but you really need to invest that $175 into a new one, in my opinion.” I thought but DIDN’T say, “And you need to get real. Unless you’ve got $500 in your pocket protector for me there, buddy, then that ain’t happening.”

Then they checked what was loading when it boots up (which was a ton of stuff). They told me how to get rid of all that stuff and charged me nothing. Sweet Geek. I do love geeks.

But I didn’t buy the memory or another laptop…still thinking on that one. (And I didn’t have $175 anyway.)

I came home, did what he said, and it’s still slow, although maybe not as slow.

Now, keeping in mind that it is over 6 years old, how fast can I really type anyway? I’ll worry about this thing later. As long as it doesn’t crash for good, I’ll be fine. I need to get the nano done before I go trying to switch over to something else. This old gal and I have become fast friends.

Well, not fast friends. Slow friends. That’s what we are.

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  1. >I bet he was talking about gigs, not megs. 😀 And to make life more confusing, 1 meg is 1024 k, 1 gig is 1024 megs. Has to do with the way you count in binary. LOL There's a whole little controversy over whether they should use giga- as a prefix at all since gibibyte is the technially correct binary term for 1024 bytes. But I don't wanna talk about mebibytes and gibibytes (how silly does that sounds?) so I'm sticking with the technically incorrect but easier to understand metric prefixes. LOL(Point of probably no interest, this is why harddrives often show up as smaller than they are in your computer information–they are often manufactured using 1 gig = 1,000,000,000 bytes but your computer divides the # of bytes by 1,073,741,824 to get the size in Gigabytes.)Sad to say though, that your geek was probably right. In an 6 year old computer trickin' it out to 2 gigs of RAM might help a little bit, but there's no guarantee because it also depends on your processor. Honestly it sounds like you got an honest geek, because he's right…your money is probably better saved for a new computer than dumping it into this one. Especially since I would bet your laptop has an older version of RAM, possibly something that isn't commonly available any more! I'm glad he didn't take $200 from you and tell you the problem would be fixed! (Some would have.)

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