>Oh favorite book…you are soooooo fab

>Reading (actually listening to on CD) one of my favorite books again. I’ve read so many books lately that I didn’t like, I was starting to stress on nano. This is not good. Time for a book that inspires me! I had to go to the library and find my favorite again.

Can you guess what it is?? Excerpts:

Todd knew it wasn’t true. Roark always wrote–drunk or sober, tired or wired, sick or well. He wrote when he was happy and when he was sad. He wrote just as much when he was in a good mood as he did when he was pissed over something. He wrote when it was flowing easily and when the phrases simply would not come. He wrote no matter what.

And my other favorite:

I can teach students the basics of writing, acquaint them with the rules of fiction, familiarize them with the writers who have mastered these techniques, but only God dispenses talent. That indefinable and elusive quality cannot be taught or otherwise acquired no matter how earnestly one desires and seeks it. I learned this sad truth from my own experience. Were talent attainable, I would be writing my own novels. Thank the God to whom you pray, Mr. Slade, for you were blessed with that magic.

Oh yes, Envy by Sandra Brown. How that book has not been sucked up by some studio and made into a movie, I’ll never know. Pat Conroy’s Prince of Tides made a fantastic film–this could do the same.

Don’t bother with the paperback (although I own that, too). Buy the book on CD…read by the amazingly fabulous Victor Slezak. His voice is chocolate and wine and my favorite songs.

I’ve borrowed this set of CDs from the library so many times now, they are starting to give me weird looks. I wish I was joking.


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