>Onward and Upward!


It’s the 18th of November, which makes me a little sad. Half of the nano is over! When I look forward to something all year, it’s so hard to watch it going by!! Kind of like that trip to Fort Myers, Florida this summer. Waited and waited, then the time was finally here. For the first half of the trip, I was just having FUN! The second half, in the back of my mind the whole time was the fact that it was going to end soon. (Thinking that this is why I look fondly back on my 20’s and 30’s–they were the first half.)

Then I remind myself that living in THIS moment is the important part. Today is really all I have anymore. Today and memories and hopes for tomorrows. Memories and hopes are kinda not here, though, so today is what I’ve got.

When a new day starts (and mine generally start very early), I have high hopes. Never fails, every new day looks full of possibility. I imagine that day will be the one I don’t screw anything up, my hair will behave itself, my skirt won’t rip up the back seam (see previous post for that fun day), and I’ll be yes, PRODUCTIVE! The clouds will part and everything I’ve been confused about will become clear. Yes, this is the day I will be kind to everyone I meet, won’t say anything hurtful or stupid, and will actually make a difference for a change.

By the end of them, I’m generally about to fall over from exhaustion having lived through various stages of success on each of these items.

Today is no different…it’s still early enough that I can get some writing done before I go to my day job. At work, I’ll be massively productive, everything will add right up for me–debits and credits all netting to zero (accountant by day), and this evening I’ll cook something fabulous for dinner. (Yeah, hardly ever get that item accomplished.) I’ll get my bills paid, get the dishes in the sink washed and maybe even do some laundry. I’ll read something really good with the kid tonight. Or maybe we’ll get our Christmas decorations up early. (Yeah, that was Sunday’s plan…what’s today? Wednesday? Hmm.)

Onward and upward everyone!


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