>New Moon! Going at 1pm!


New Moon came out on Thursday at midnight, but I’m a little old to go with the teeny bopper/date crowd, so the kid, Mom and I are going to the matinee today at 1 p.m. The popcorn is just as good, and there are a lot fewer young girls screaming at the screen while their boyfriends roll their eyes. 🙂
I thought I should post something after seeing the movie but decided it might be better to post it before. This way, I can talk about expectations. I’ve tried not to look at any posts or read any reviews about the movie, but I did see a couple. Appears those who are not rabid fans didn’t think much of it while the true “Twilighters” or whatever they are called loved it. (What are they called? New Mooners, maybe? Although that reminds me of someone sticking their butt out a car window for the first time…)
So what am I expecting? Summit Entertainment produced this movie, and according to their website they do 10-12 movies a year. They have that logo with the blue background and the sketchy white mountainside across the top. I remember seeing it on movies I’ve liked before. That’s a good sign.
Melissa Rosenberg wrote the screenplay. She also did Dirty “Go Ahead…Make my day” Harry and The Year of Living Dangerously (which I just saw on TV yesterday–love that movie!). Good signs.
Robert Pattinson has mastered the brooding look–thick, dark-eyebrows and all. Good sign since Edward is all about the brooding. Kirsten Stewart basically has one facial expression which is “teen angst” if I had to name it, and for the part of Bella, it fits. The new cutie on the rise (my kid has posters of him everywhere) is Taylor Lautner. Looks like he’s buffed up for this movie (as much as a teenager can be buff). That wig they had him in for the last movie was not good…maybe they’ve found a better one this time.
I read all the books, and the second was my least favorite, but I understand this movie is the second and third books together. I liked the third book. The fourth book is where all the real action happened, though, so they’ve got me hooked for one more trip to the theater, I’m sure.
So what are my expectations? I’m not imagining Gone With the Wind quality for sure, but as a romp through Vampireland, I expect to be entertained. If all goes to crap, Star Trek is out on DVD, and I might stop on the way home and pick it up. THAT was a fun movie.


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