>Farmville and Obsession


Over 47 million people are playing Farmville on Facebook. So, it’s not just my obsession apparently.
I started a little over a week ago, and I’ve been going crazy every day since. Send me a gift! I’ll send you a gift! No, I don’t want any damn gazing ball! Send me stuff that makes money! Grow some strawberries, but watch the time! They are only 4 hour crops and they wither quickly! Crap, they died!!! Lost $$$$!! Arghhh!
Okay, create a spreadsheet to track all the crops so no more die! Shoot, that crop won’t come in until midnight! Now I have to stay up to harvest it…setting alarm.
Ooooo, the rice and eggplant are pretty. Darn, but the pumpkins turn around quicker and are cheaper. Hmm…
Adding to spreadsheet: what’s the most lucrative crop? Ah…at this level it’s cotton. But wow, look at pineapples! Haven’t gotten to that level yet…how can I level up?
Google “Farmville cheats”. Hmm…
Then last night Farmville starts fritzing and it didn’t look like I was going to be able to harvest my 140 plots of pumpkins. I was about to lose everything!!!! (Yeah, not just crops either.) Then all my neighbors disappeared for some reason…<pulling hair out of head> Call sister! Holy crap! Are you neighbors still there? Make her get out of bed and sign onto computer. Nope, hers still there. It’s just MINE!!! Ack!!!
Sign off. Reboot. Sign back on. Still screwed up. Holy effin’…for the love of…FRANTIC!!!
An hour and many reboots and retries later…(way past when I was going to get up from here and go to bed.) Finally manage to harvest crop. Neighbors still missing, but I’m taking a deep breath. The crop is saved…phew.
Look up from the computer. Realize everyone’s gone to bed and it’s after midnight. Have to get up at 4.
All right. Have officially lost mind. Plant cotton–that’s what I’ll do. It’s a 3 day crop. Write harvest date/time on calendar.
Time for a little mini vacay from Farmville–straight to a mental hospital. Hope they don’t make me eat vegetables.


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