>Making the Final Turn in Week 4 Nanowrimo


Yep, it’s the last week of Nano. Man, those first three went fast. I don’t even remember hearing the whooshing sound as they breezed by, but they did, and I’ve got 3000 words left to finish. I’m on plot point 24, so I’m a little behind on following my outline, but I’ll end up summarizing here and there on each of the final scenes so I can have a complete story arc in my hands when it’s all over. This is what Chris Baty suggests, and it’s something I agree with. Having 50,000 words (or more) that don’t actually tell a whole story is like having just one more incomplete manuscript hanging around. THAT I don’t need. As of this moment, I have about four or five of those already (one of them is over 78,000…ugh)
I’ve thought about what the problem is–how that ends up happening. I call it the “week three curse.” Anytime I’m about 3/4 of the way through a story, I begin to realize it’s total crap, and a while back (those incomplete stories are going on three years old now), I used to come up with a new idea and stop writing on the old story. The new idea was GOOD and the old one was just practice. So, I’d set the old one aside and begin the new one, full of vim and vigor.
With the way I write though, it would happen again on the new fabulous idea, too. That doesn’t get the job done.
So for the next few days, I’m going to keep pushing forward even though horrible scenes on previous pages lurk, taunting me from dark trees blowing in the cold wind. I can do this.
But, I can’t do it right now–have to go to work. Glad Thanksgiving is a four-day weekend. I’m ready for some turkey, shopping and writing. (Okay, not so much on the shopping, but sis is coming to town and she’s dragging me out at 4 am on Black Friday.)


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