Yep, I made it!!! Still don’t have a title, even after 50,280 words, but I did finish the rest of it! YAY!!!
Next time, I’m going to do a better job on my plot line. The story was starting to bore me by the end. I can, however, highly recommend the 30 plot points for 30 days approach. Helps immensely in staying on track each day. I just think that next year, I need to make the plot a little more exciting. Ah well, there’s always edits to liven it up.
Anyway, time to CELEBRATE!!! And how do writers celebrate! They write more. LOL
I have a story I was working on before nano started, and I really do need to get back and finish it. I might take a day or two off before that though. Got to get the Christmas tree up. I did order my holiday cards at least. Soon, it will be January and I’ll be back to normal.
But for today, I’m partying! Nano victor! Woot!!!


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