>Deep Cover Joyfully Reviewed


Claire has had a couple of threats on her life so her father hires Butch Markham to protect her, in essence as her bodyguard with one difference; she is not to know about him.  She doesn’t think the threats are real or need to be taken seriously.  She has some important business meetings she needs to prepare for, which might just save her struggling firm.  But when she narrowly avoids being kidnapped now Butch is no longer in the background.

Butch knows that Claire thinks he is cute and is attracted to him.  He knows that she could be the one for him but he isn’t going to tell her about his past and his time on earth is almost up.  The more time the two of them spend together it might be hard to determine what is worse the fact a killer might finally get to her or will their mutual desires?

I found Deep Cover to be an interesting take on not only the aliens on earth storyline but just how they might be tied into the military.  Deep Cover made me wonder about the possibilities and that for me is a plus.  I loved how Claire was not going to give up her company and job no matter what her father or hired muscle Butch think.  I enjoyed Deep Cover from start to finish though I did think the revelations about her mother could have been handled a little smoother, but that is me and I don’t think it made a huge difference in my opinion of the overall story.  I enjoyed the twists and turns in Deep Cover, as well as the spicy scenes, and think you will also.



Deep Cover by Moira Reid

Loose Id

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59632-954-6

Reviewed by Tanya




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