Sometimes I think I’ve lost the will to push through another day. I’m swimming in that feeling that it’s all just too hard and takes too long and isn’t friggin’ worth it. Not to mention that I’m a talentless hack who never had an original thought or wrote an original sentence…


Oh yeah, this happens every time. It’s how I know I’m getting close to the end—of the story, that is.


I’m about 47k into ET Book 4 now, and I see another 15k at the very most, probably considerably less than that. The action is heating up, and there’s a lot riding on the outcome for the characters. Exciting stuff, plenty to keep a writer fired up—or so you’d think.


But right about now I get sick just thinking of the story and I want it to be over. I hate everything about it.


Oh yeah, I’m almost done.


Does everybody feel this way?


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  1. >I don't know about everybody, but I know I sure do!Good luck. (hugs)

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