>Website is back up and life sods on


My website has been down for a week or so (because I didn’t pay the bill), but now it’s back up! Yay!
Matter of fact, it really needs a new look. Might have to work on that one of these days. I was learning Flash for a while but pushed it to the side so I could do more important things. Not really sure what but I am sure it was important. Very important.
Actually, I was most likely watching television as I am now. Bridget Jones’s Diary (yes, again).
Bridget: Look, are you and Cosmo in on this together? Because every time I see you, you seem to go out of your way to make me feel like a COMPLETE idiot. And you really needn’t bother: I already feel like an idiot most of the time anyway – with, or without the fireman’s pole.
Yep, know that feeling. Actually, in my next life, I’m going to have a British accent and speak in well-formed, odd-sounding sentences–saying things like “Sod Off!” and “We’re freezing our bollocks off out here!” Will most likely still have moments exactly like this, however:
Bridget: Are you staying at your parents for New Years?
Mark Darcy: Yes. You?
Bridget: Ah, no. Was at a party in London last night, I’m afraid I’m a bit hungover. Wish I could be home with my head in a toilet like all normal people…ah! New Year’s Resolution: drink less… and quit smoking… and quit talking total nonsense to strangers… actually, quit talking, full stop.
[awkward silence]
Mark Darcy: Yes. Well. Perhaps it’s time to eat.
Doubt seriously even with excellent grammar and enunciation I will manage to avoid saying exactly the wrong thing at the right time. Not fun in the moment but often excellent novel fodder for later.
And speaking of that, I’d better go write. The ETs have taken a turn at the 50k mark. I thought I was close to finished, but these people are stage hogs and won’t let me have my HEA.


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