>Brokeback Mountain


I read the short story, Brokeback Mountain, by Annie Proulx well over a year ago—great story—and I’d been wanting to see the film but never got around to it.


The movie came out in 2005…shows how far behind the times I am…finally saw it last night on television. I’m sure I got the “cleaned-up” version made for TV, and I did have to endure a ridiculous quantity of commercial breaks—but I finally got to see it…sorta.


I wish I could say I enjoyed it…the parts I saw were wonderful. I will admit it was NOT the movie’s fault. I couldn’t get a moment’s peace. My kid along with the neighbor kids were running in and out, the phone kept ringing, text messages, dogs, cats, hubby wanting to watch the last game of the bball tourney…I’m telling you, it was a friggin’ zoo in my house.


The only good thing about being interrupted was this exchange:


“What you watching?” Hubby asks.


“A western.”


He stares at the television. “I don’t recognize it. I was going to watch Duke and…since when do you watch westerns?”


I smile. “I loved Lonesome Dove. Larry McMurtry adapted this screenplay along with somebody…it was a short story I read a long time ago.”


He sits on the chair arm, watching. “What’s it called?”


“Can’t remember.” I tuck the remote control farther under my thigh.


He gets visibly interested. The two main characters are talking, then they are fighting…then they are hugging. I’m watching his face closely now. The switch when it happens is hilarious. He grabs for the remote. “What the hell is this?”


I try to get it before he can click the button that will tell him the title. I’m too late.


“Oh man! Debra!” He tosses me the remote. “Reminds me of the time you dragged me to Bridges of Madison County…told me it was ‘set out West and had Clint Eastwood in it.’”


“Yeah, and you said, ‘There’s Clint…but where the hell is his gun?”


It’s important to keep the element of surprise alive in a marriage…it’s just part of my job.




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