>The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg


My daughter’s class is sponsoring a mini book club this month, and we are participating in it. Interested parents and kids sign up, receive a copy of the assigned book from the school, read the book, then meet after four weeks to discuss the book. I’ve belonged to book clubs and writing clubs in the past—very fun. She didn’t want to do it, but I made her! LOL

Her grade is studying the Civil War, and the book chosen for the club is The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg. I started reading it yesterday and honestly? Couldn’t put the thing down. Very, very fun!

I told her to keep a piece of paper and a pencil stashed in the book in order to jot down words she didn’t know. (There were a few I actually didn’t know. Conscription being one of them.)

I’ve decided that this summer, I’m setting up a reading schedule for her. (I did this one summer a few years back and it was wildly successful. Don’t know why I didn’t do it last year.) She reads ten books. After the first two, she gets a prize. Second two, a bigger prize. Third two…etc. The first time I did it, I think the prizes were $5, $10, new video game, and “spend day with Mommy doing whatever you want to do”. (That one was her idea.) There was one more prize, but I can’t remember it now. Anyway, she read all ten…she got to pick the books (with my approval). When school started, she took all ten Advanced Reader tests right away and passed them all. Great head-start to the school year.

I think that reading is really one of those things you don’t know you like until you’ve done it for a while, and you probably won’t do it without a little push from somebody. Let’s face it—television is easier. But I remember the first book I read just for the sheer joy of it—nobody made me read it; it wasn’t school work. I hunted the book down and read for the fun of it. That’s when reading becomes part of you.

It’s going to become part of her too…whether she knows it yet or not.


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