>Sunday Morning


It’s Sunday morning, and I can’t get any of my writing buddies to wake up. Guess I have to write alone. Generally speaking, everybody actually writes alone, even those who write as partners. I’ve yet to see two people writing on the same sentence at the same time, so yeah. We’re all alone in this, but it’s comforting to listen as others suffer along with you. LOL
I’ve been trying to edit this vampire story for months now. I’m about halfway through the final version, but I just can’t get motivated to finish it. Not sure why exactly. And I still don’t have a title. Nothing new there though. Lots of writers I know start with that part, but more often than not lately, I end up brainstorming one with my writer buddies and they hit on something that becomes the title. You’d think after some 60,000 words I could come up with 2 or 3 more, but I usually can’t. Go figure.
Spent part of yesterday helping the kid change from bunk beds to a “grown-up” bed–also known as a double. Had to enlist the help of hubby and both of my parents, but we got the beds taken apart and switched out. (My mother had the double, and we loaded up the truck a couple of times and traded. My kid has fully-furnished bedrooms at both of our houses. She, in fact, lives everywhere. I think my neighbors across the street even have a spot for her with their other three girls.) Speaking of which, the kid had to show off her “new” room, so her buddy had a sleepover here last night. This buddy is the cold-natured one who freezes in my air conditioning and asked for another blanket while my kid, the furnace, throws off the blankets and sweats all night. I think I hear some movement in that room right now. Guaranteed it’s not my kid. She sleeps like I do–unconscious, immobile, and for as long as possible.
So, today, I have to get groceries and pay bills at some point. Beyond that, I have the whole day to get some writing done. I’ve started a new story, so I’ll work on that. I did promise myself I’d edit another 10 or so pages on that vamp tale though. It’ll never get done if I don’t push on through it.
Do I sound tired? I sure feel it. LOL


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  1. >Sheesh. Any excuse not to write. 😛

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