>I got a Mac!

>After seven years of working on my PC laptop almost every day and night, it finally gave up the ghost. Fortunately, I did manage to get it backed up before it died. Oh, and to be fair, it’s not completely dead, but it’s definitely on life support.

I went to the Best Buy where I’d bought my Gateway PC years ago and talked to one of the Geek Squad (the best marketing campaign yet, I must say). I asked him if he had any “12 months same as cash” deals. He said they had 18 months same as cash–my song was playing. I said, “Then, show me your laptop PCs somewhere in the $700 neighborhood at the highest end.” He said, “What about a MAC?”
Typical of most if not all PC users, I balked saying that all of my software is PC based. He said, “Well, you can still run them on the Mac using (insert some geek talk here I didn’t quite catch).” 
“No kidding?” I said.
Then he proceeds to show me all the stuff the Mac can do, and how fast it can do it. I’ve been around Macs before, so I knew they were great for “arty” kind of stuff–graphics, design, movies, that kind of stuff. Then I got to thinking, What am I doing anyway? Calculus? “Okay, compare the ipad to this MacBook for me. Which would you get if all you did most of the time was type on it?”
He said he has an ipad and a Macbook, and the ipad is great for surfing the web and stuff, but for typing, he’d get the Macbook. And so, after much more “wowing me” with the thing, it was done.
To the tune of big bucks. Ouchee. I bought the one they had at the lowest end (which is upgradeable…cool) but it was still off my $700 budget to be sure, but the good news–18 months same as cash. I can get it paid off slowly, which is frankly the only way I’m going to be able to pay it. LOL
I’ve had it less than 24 hours, but it’s so intuitive I’ve picked up a lot of stuff already. Very cool.
All of this is to say one thing: if you have always worked on a PC, doesn’t mean you always have to keep on doing that. This thing is kewl!

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