>Rent A Husband, Inc. Release Today!

>My newest novel is being released today. Rent A Husband, Inc. was inspired by something crazy my single sister said to me one day. We were talking on the phone and she was complaining about men. Then she says:

“The only time I need a man around is to reach the high shelves and do the heavy lifting. Somebody needs to invent a business: Rent A Husband. I’ll rent one when I need one.”
And an idea was born.

Crete Gannon witnesses his brother’s murder and finds himself next on the hit list of a killer notorious for eliminating witnesses under police protection. He discovers the perfect place to hide, a location no one would think to look for him — Rent A Husband, Inc. His plan is simple: he’ll work under a false identity, cloistered safely away inside some anonymous, lonely, old lady’s house then put his brother’s killer away when he testifies at the trial.

But Tasha Henslow, a bed and breakfast owner whose building faces foreclosure, is not lonely and she’s not old. Nor, unfortunately, is she anonymous. He can get the work done while avoiding the killer, but not if she recognizes him. How long until she remembers the perfect night they spent together before she left him in a cold bed alone?


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