>Family NIght

>A while back I decided hubby, kid and I weren't spending enough time together, so I instituted "game night" which eventually became "family night" (because one night we ended up just going out to dinner and laughing our butts off. It was so much fun, we decided sometimes we don't have to play games – as long as we're together and having fun. Every Tuesday, nothing else can be scheduled. No exceptions.

Last night we played Pictionary. It's not a game really meant for an odd number of players, but we made up our own rules. We took turns drawing, and the non-drawing participants had to guess what the drawer was sketching. Whoever got it right got a point. Then the next person drew. (If neither of the guessers could figure it out, the drawer got a point if the drawing was obvious but we were just stupid. LOL)

I think I ended up winning, but it was neck-and-neck the whole evening. One of the moments that had us laughing so hard we had tears rolling down was this: it was my turn to draw, and the word was "Maine." I quickly sketched the outline of the United States. Okay, yeah, I thought California hung down a little farther than it does…I'll give them that. One of them said "tooth" and the other said "ghost". I tried again. My husband insisted it was a tooth. I finally broke down and said, "Don't you know the United States when you see it?"

He said, "That's the United States? What the heck is that?" <pointing to my extra-long California>

"It's California!"

My 6th grade daughter said, "Mom, that's NOT what it looks like."

Hubby drags out an atlas. Uh yeah, it isn't what it looks like. Who knew.

So, today, I'll be practicing drawing the country.

Meanwhile, I'm a little behind on the nano, but I'll catch up today. It was worth it to spend time with the peeps…and find out what CA actually looks like. 🙂


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