>Nano Update

>I'm at 18,655, about 4700 words off the pace. Yikes! The story is coming along, though. I finally got my voice activated software working well. Turned out it wasn't the darn software at all…I didn't have the microphone plugged in all the way. Sigh. (In my defense, I had to shove it really hard and I only did that because I was ticked off it wasn't working.)

Sometimes I have to wonder how I manage to find the one thing that will make something not work…and I will do it. Whenever someone at work is having some problem with their software, they ask me. Know why? Because I'll know what they are doing wrong. And that's because I've definitely already had that problem along the way. If there's a thing to miss, I'll miss it the first time. Not sure why that's true, but it always is.

Maybe it's something to do with that "if your life can't be an example, let it be a warning" thing. LOL

I was checking out the Nano store this morning. They've got some really cool stuff on there. I might have to get myself one of those travel coffee mugs. The problem is it looks like the outside of the mug is that bumpy kind of plastic that gives me the shivers. You know what I'm talking about? It's that same stuff windbreaker jackets are made out of. Gives me the willies. I can't stand that stuff. Anyway, I also like the posters. Wonder if they'd let me hang one of those in my office. Probably not. They ruled out my poster of Robert Pattinson as Edward, so yeah. Probably not.

Okay, back to novel-land. Got some ground to make up today.


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