>Yikes Nano! Help!


I don’t think I’ve ever been this far behind. I’m going to have to start drinking some of those energy drinks or something. Can’t stay awake long enough to get anything done.

I noticed this morning that even Chris Baty is ahead of me, and he’s usually dragging behind the whole time although he always manages to make the big push at the end to finish.
The rest of this week and this weekend, I’m going to get a jump on this thing. The story is in place, and I’ve just got to stop looking at every word and thinking “oh man, that stinks.” Chris sent out an inspirational letter a couple of days ago talking about this.
The most common refrain at the Struggler’s Party, though, is that we’re just feeling Blah. Our stories are Blah, our writing is Blah. We’ve spent the last two weeks mining our creative depths, and many of us have emerged with too few diamonds and way too many lumps of coal.

NaNoWriMo is supposed to be fun! An anything-goes adventure where stories take flight and our characters surprise and delight us. When does that NaNoWriMo kick in?

I think he’s reading my mind. This is my 9th nano, and I’ve never felt more blah about it. Mostly, I think it’s just laziness.
Yeah, might be time for an energy drink. Or five.

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