>Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 to everybody!

Sis has been in town since just after Christmas, and she’s staying through the end of next week. I love having her in town, but the reason stinks. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and her double mastectomy surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. The only good news, if there is good news, is the doctors caught it early and she has a good prognosis. Extra prayers on her behalf would be much appreciated!

But that’s Wednesday’s troubles…today we’re going shopping. Heaven knows I don’t need anything, but Mom and Sis love to shop, so that’s what we’re doing! We’ll probably eat lunch out and just hang. Girl stuff. The kid will be with us. We are quite the foursome.

The photo is from our New Year’s party. That’s me, the kid, and sis. The neighbors came over and we ate and played Pictionary all night until the ball dropped. I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun. And talk about noise! It was LOUD, people. Thirteen people all screaming out answers to drawings on my huge whiteboard (usually used for novel plotting) in my carpetless, drapeless house. Nothing to muffle the echo. Six of those people were kids, and I’m not sure who made more noise…but no mater, it was LOUD.

Guess I should get up and get ready to shop. Sigh. I hate shopping. Oh well.

Have a great new year everyone! Make your dreams come true this year! It’s time, isn’t it?


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