>Thursday Thirteen!


Thirteen Things I Need: 

13. Thirteen Possible Life-Affirming Themes for My Next Novel

12. Thirteen Plot Twists (that aren’t abysmally obvious)

11. Thirteen Exciting Chase Scenes

10. Thirteen Female Protagonists I don’t hate

9. Thirteen New Positions (for the Erotic Romances)

8. Thirteen Tricks to play on myself to get my butt out of bed at 4 am

7. Thirteen Ways to avoid the television when I should be writing

6. Thirteen things to chew on instead of chain smoking while typing

5. Thirteen Reminders to Blog Post once in a while

4. Thirteen Motivational Quotes that actually motivate

3. Thirteen Mental Pictures of success

2. Thirteen Units of time uninterrupted…any 13 will do

1. Thirteen days of vacation



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