Crazy Threatening Emails

Okay, that is just funny. Anybody who’d read this and believe it is apparently illiterate. Obviously whoever wrote it has little grasp on the English language.

We are bringing to your notice that our customer service will be damaging down some email users in our data base,due to the high number of different emails that has been violated by our email policy, terms and conditions we are destroying down some email users.

If you still choose to maintain your email with us. To avoid the final close down of your account. Provide us with the below info :

E -mail:  Password: Birth date:

Account owner that refuses to maintain his or her account after 2-3 working days of this notification will loose account permanently from our site.

NOTE !!! account user that refuses to maintain account will have account permanently closed for email violation.

© 1998-2011

Cox Communications, Inc.


?????? Really????????

They’ve gotta be kidding.

Cracks me up.

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