Have No Fear

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post at Samhain’s site about my writing struggles. Dee Carney posted a comment that has had me thinking.  She wrote:

Scooch closer and I’ll tell you the real secret…
Have no fear.
You’re welcome. Go forth and write.

I’d been working on this Superhero story for a Samhain call (due September 1st) since April, and it was giving me fits. When I read her comment that day, I finally realized why.

I was scared. Every idea I jotted down was immediately beaten into a pulp by my internal editor–“That’s stupid!” “You gotta be joking!” “But why would she do that? It makes no sense!” And the voices overwhelmed my inspiration…I tried and tried to plot, and I nixed idea after idea. At the end of two months, I had about four pages of manuscript and three pages of plotting ideas…and it was all going exactly nowhere.

And I’d been thinking all the while, “You know what your problem is? You should know what you’re doing by now. You’ve published over 20 stories, gotten some good reviews, made some money–and since this isn’t coming out smoothly, it’s obvious you’ve written everything you can. You’re done now. Maybe you should just move onto the next “to do” that catches your interest because you’ve obviously peaked on this. And all this sitting and staring at the computer is a huge waste of time.”

Well, only part of it was true–sitting and staring was a waste of time. And Dee’s words kept coming back to me–“Have no fear.” I was afraid. That was the truth. I was humbled and afraid.

But I’m not afraid any longer. Being brave is just a decision, after all. Heroes in books have a surge of energy and fortitude, but where does it come from? A decision–to act anyway. To ignore the fear and go forth…and in this case, go forth and write.

Over the past week, I’ve written 13,000 words. And this weekend my goal is 50 pages. I have my voice-activated software to help with that–my hands would never hold up to typing that much, but I can talk all day. And I’m going to…because fear can kiss my white ass. I’m going forth. Writer friends…go and do likewise.


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