Evermore: The Immortals by Alyson Noel

My daughter got hooked on the first book in this series by Alyson Noel, so like any good mother (and devoted reader), I picked it up to see what had her attention.

“Seventeen-year-old Ever survived the car crash that killed her parents, younger sister, and their dog. Now she lives with an aunt in Southern California, plagued not only by survivor guilt but also by a new ability to hear the thoughts of all around her. She tries to tune out all these distractions until Damen, the cute new boy at school, convinces her to come out of her shell. Damen, however, is frighteningly clever—and has the strange ability to produce tulips from nowhere and disappear himself at critical, life-threatening moments.” –from Amazon.com

The book is written in first person and the story moves quickly during the second half. The first half is familiar (it’s Twilight Part Deux–I’m surprised Ms. Noel got away with it), but it has some twists toward the end I hadn’t expected.

I can’t recommend the book, but it’s not the book’s fault–I’m the mother of a 12-year old girl. The foul language, blatant references to sex, drugs, liquor (in which many of her high school friends participate) made me so uncomfortable I couldn’t get past them to allow myself to enjoy the story.

I’m a big proponent of reading–and reading widely and diversely. I write romantic and erotic fiction for adults. I’m not a prude–I’m really not. However, reading books where high school teens are drinking themselves into stupor, hanging out with older, scarier people who influence them to get tattoos and do drugs, along with flagrantly absent parents and no parental guidance–friends, I’m not ready for that yet. I might never be ready for it.

Also, I’m telling myself from now on to read whatever she’s considering before she reads it. But the horse is out of the barn, so in this case, I’m prepping my “Yes, this kind of thing goes on, but not in your life, young lady” speech.



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