What I Really Want to Say Is…

Sometimes I’m writing along on a story, and I start typing, “Okay, what I really want to say is…” and write a bunch of stuff that is bothering me about the characters. That makes it tough to get a novel written, I can tell you.

This is one of those moments. The characters are cardboard and I kept thinking if I continued to plot, they would suddenly take shape, solidify into 3-dimentional people and start talking to me.

I even considered writing only the dialogue, just to hear them talk and ignore all the other direction and description I was floating around them because instead of showing their emotions, when I get like that, I end up writing stuff like

She considered his words and ventured a thought. “You have been managing quite well to contain yourself and your responses. Or is it that you are not physically attracted to me?” She suspected the exact opposite were true, but perhaps she had been wrong.

Oh brother. It’s all tell tell tell. And not very interesting tell at that. And the dialogue is atrocious. Ick.

It’s first draft…I’m not Dee Carney, whose first drafts read like the final, highly edited version of a best-seller. Get over it, Deb! That’s just how it is.

And still, I drop down on the page and start ranting. Not sure why…it’s not helping anything. It did produce a blog post. Guess that’s something.


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