Six Sentence Sunday-Deep Cover

It’s that time again! And today’s six sentences are from my ET’s! From Deep Cover:

“I have been taking care of myself for a long time now, and I can—”

“End up as a sex slave in somebody’s basement…or worse.” His coffee voice floated low and rich through the room again, and as the words “sex slave” passed over his lips, the heat coursing through her reached a fever pitch, settling between her thighs.

His charge to watch her twenty-four-seven could not happen. If even one full day passed and he remained beside her, she had a bad feeling about what her body, the damn betrayer that it was, might consider without the consent of her sense of reason.

Twenty-four-seven. The thought sent two chills down her spine—one of fear, the other something a lot like lust.

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29 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday-Deep Cover

  1. A man with a coffee voice with her 24/7? Lovely!

  2. Loved the coffee voice and the last line!

  3. Stacey Kennedy

    “she had a bad feeling about what her body, the damn betrayer that it was, might consider without the consent of her sense of reason.” FANTASTIC line! Awesome six!

  4. Sounds like this guy knows a lot about “sex slaves” and he’s the one protecting her. Wonder if he’ll protect her from himself?

  5. I love the idea of his ‘coffee voice’ – very, very nice. And another scifi story, yay! 🙂

  6. Engaging six and glorious cover!

  7. Intriguing six, love the last line – fear and lust – great!

  8. gayleramage

    Can just hear his coffee-voice now… Mmmm! Great snippet!

  9. Great descriptions and I love how deep you sink into her head.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with a little lust. 😉

  11. I love the phrasing of this. Hoepfully reason won’t have much to say 😉

  12. Very well written – I was right there in her shoes!

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  14. Eleri Stone

    Ooo. Nice setup.

  15. I think she might just need protecting from him…or perhaps herself!
    Great snippet.

  16. I love the phrase “coffee voice.” It sounds rich, deep, and masculine. Enjoyed your six!

  17. Coffee voice…yum! Sexy snip!

  18. ‘the damn betrayer that it was’. Love that line

  19. I’ve never heard a coffee voice before but I can imagine it now. Wonderful six!

  20. yum, coffee voice! Love this six, very descriptive xx

  21. 24/7, hmm? Sounds like things are bound to get interesting. 😉 Nice six!

  22. Sounds like a terrible – er – terribly fun predicament!

  23. The was a FAB SIX!! Every line better than the last. Coffee analogy and the sexual tension she’s feeling is absolutely superb!

  24. I’m with everyone else. Coffee voices are sexy.

  25. Great tension between the characters!

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