Six Sentence Party!

This is my fourth week doing Six Sentence Sunday. What a blast! To celebrate the fun, thought I’d post something out of my funniest book, Paid in Full.

I couldn’t find a good man no matter what I did. I was just desperate.

So, being the organized person I am, I made a list.

First, friends set me up; then I went to clubs; then I took night classes—the welding one was about the worst of those. After the fringes of my hair caught fire, I dropped the class, got the fried ends cut off and almost gave up. Honestly, welding looked so much easier in Flashdance.

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59 responses to “Six Sentence Party!

  1. Fantastic six, I love your humour. Thank you so much.

  2. LOL Love that last line!

    • I loved your six, as well! Saw some people were kicked off for not following the rules–and saw your Tweet about not reading anybody who didn’t follow them. Not sure what they are doing wrong, but rules are rules! Glad I didn’t screw it up!

  3. I love her voice. That was awesome. I love her description of what she went through!!

  4. LOL Flashdance makes it look great. Instead of hard work with stinky men. 🙂

  5. Very funny and terrific 6

  6. Loved your six! Reminded me of Kristan Higgins. Greta voice.

  7. Cute! I want to know if there’s a fourth item on the list!

  8. Okay, you hooked me. This is funny. And BTW, I loved Flashdance. — Besides welding, it made dancing look easy too.

    • I saw on television the complicated moves in the last dance scene were actually “danced” by a guy who refused to shave his mustache. If you look very closely, you can see it. LOL

  9. lol! Love it! What we women will do to meet men!

  10. What a funny snippet and yes, I make lists so this is so real to me too.

  11. I love the humor here, and I also really love the personality she’s showing here.

  12. Welding definitely isn’t as easy as it looks! I’ve learnt (from helping out my husband) that I’m not a power tools kind of girl! LOL.

    Nice six 😀

  13. He he. Flashdance! And what a list! Nice Six Moira!

  14. OMG. Too funny! Nice work, Deb!

  15. LOL Great touch of humor at the end.

  16. This is hilarious, if the rest of the story is the same, I bet your readers will be holding their sides most of the way through.

  17. I love the Flashdance reference!

  18. Love your voice. Love your humor.

  19. Too funny! My DH is a millwright, so he welds a lot. He tried to show me once, but I couldn’t even see out of the welding helmet. 🙂

    A great six!

  20. okay, the welding thing… hilarious 🙂

  21. LMAO! That’s too funny. (Everything always looks easier in the movies!)

  22. ROFL! Flashdance is misleading in more than one way. Love tyour six, Moira!

  23. I love the humor. And Flashdance!

  24. Coming from someone who makes lists too, I loved that she approached her problem that way! The Flashdance reference made me laugh out loud. Good six.

  25. Jennifer Lowery~Writer

    Very funny six! Takes me back to the 80’s when I had big hair 🙂

  26. Great six, very funny. I do feel bad for her over that forced haircut though, yikes. 🙂

  27. Great last line. Yeah, everything always looks better in the movies!

  28. Hilarious and I can totally relate to this character. Great job!

  29. Love the humor. Great six!

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