Six Sentence Sunday #5!

Fifth week of Six Sentence Sunday. This is really fun!

This week, from my free download, Welcome Home written by L. Shannon and I:

“About time, Kalib. Thought you’d leave me out here all night.”

“You’re not welcome,” Kalib said.

“You have someone here?” David pushed in closer, trying to bully his way into the house. “I could come back later, or better yet–we can share the snack.”

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14 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday #5!

  1. Nice post! I wonder what kind of snack we’re talking about….

  2. ohh I love the tussle. This is getting very interesting. Great six! Thank you.

  3. Just like a vampire to be thinking about his stomach. 😉

  4. Wow!! Shivers here! Dark and intriguing six!

  5. I love that! “Share the snack!” LOL

  6. Share the snack is a great line.

  7. LOL – share the snack!

  8. gayleramage

    Intriguing snippet. Just what snack does he want to share?

  9. Mmm snack? I wonder what he means?

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