Reflections on a Fresh Start

I’ve been off the blog posting for a while. Gotta get back on that horse and ride! Woot!

I’m working on a new project right now (a non-fiction project), so I haven’t really had much going on. I’ll go into more detail about that as it develops. Suffice to say, I’m very excited about the project, and I think it’s going to dovetail nicely with the plans I have for this year.

One thing I’m planning for this year is to find a way to meet and interact with more people. Writing and owning your own business working from home can be an isolating thing. I never appreciated how even running into the same people every day kept me from talking to myself. LOL (Well, talking to myself as much as i do now, that is.)

My sister is still staying with us for a while. It has been nice at least having her around to talk to, but I’ve gotta get out there so we both can meet new people. There is some kind of Valentine dance party downtown next week, and I told her we should both make ourselves a couple of fantastic dresses (been watching way too many Project Runway reruns lately) and go to it. She was all for it, but the hardest part will be convincing the hubby to go. That’s not really his kind of thing…we’ll see what happens on that!

So, I’m off to help the kid pick out a dress for the school’s Sweetheart Dance. This should be fun.


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