Happy Groundhog Day 2012!

Watching the live feed from Punxsutawney, PA this morning! http://www.visitpa.com/groundhog-day-live-stream. Gotta see what the groundhog is saying for the rest of this winter. So far in VA, it has been a very mild winter. In fact, yesterday, we broke all records and hit 68 degrees. I had the doors and windows open all day. Gorgeous! I don’t mind a little snow here and there, though, and according to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re supposed to have a pretty severe February. We’ll see if the farmers are right…

I started my own bookkeeping business a while back after working 25 years for various other companies. The best part of owning my own business so far is the time freedom. I want to work at 4 am and then go to the kid’s basketball game at 4 p.m., it’s no problem at all. I can get her on the bus at 7:50 am and still make it to work (in my in-home office) on time…another bonus. No more 1-hour commute each way, and I’m saving a TON on gas.  I’d say mostly it’s all been about time control–and I finally have that control. The rest of the work is pretty much the same. 🙂 I’ve never been happier. Never underestimate the value of avoiding personnel drama every day and just getting the work done on your own terms.

Right now I’m working on a bookkeeping book for writers. I’d like to get a few more writers as clients ultimately. That would blend the two things I love most! But I didn’t write the book to get clients. I wrote it because when I got started, I had to figure everything out on my own, and I have a bookkeeping background. What about all my writer buddies who don’t? Wouldn’t they appreciate a book telling them what they need to know and how to get it all done?

I’m shooting for a mid-February release on Amazon. Here’s a mock-up of the cover. Tell your writer friends to watch for it! I’ll give more information as it comes available. In the meantime, check out my business website: Moore Bookkeeping.


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