Starting a New First Draft–oh the pain!

If you were kidnapped in the middle of the night, tied up and left alone, what would you do? And who is the abductor, who is the hero and why did the abductor take her?

Or is the abductor the hero? If so, why’d he throw her in the trunk of his car? That’s not heroic! He needs a great reason to pull that off!

Maybe he thinks she’s in on a crime. Who is this hero in terms of job? A policeman wouldn’t do this. Maybe he’s just a really pissed off brother, ex-marine type, who is getting no help from the cops and decided to hunt this down on his own. Maybe he’s a PI who has a history with this felon and thinks taking his sister was payback.

Did this felon take his sister or something? Is the sister still alive? She’s got to be alive, or this book will SUCK! But what happened to her while she was in his care? Maybe the sister was mother hen to other girls the bad guy has stashed away.

But where is the bad guy hiding these girls? Wouldn’t hero have followed him and found them by now? Maybe felon took the sister so she could take care of the other girls…so he wouldn’t have to go there as often.

This whole storyline gives me the creeps. And it’s not very romancey either. Hard to think about anything in the story—especially romance—when girls have been abducted and are being held somewhere!!!

Yep, this is my internal dialogue. I typed all that when I was starting a new story. Does anyone else in the world start books like this?

My buddy, L. Shannon, plots out a nice outline and starts writing. I have to write about 1000-2000 words of questions and answers before I can start. This drives my other buddy, Dee, crazy. She just sits down and starts writing. And both Dee’s and Shannon’s stuff comes out great every time.

I’d like to do it their way…jot down a plot and write. I’d *really* like to!!! But unfortunately, it appears I’m going to be destroying my carpul tunnel nerves indefinitely writing words I can never use in the draft–basically, let’s face it, arguing with myself.

Ah well, back to it…maybe the felon is a bank robber instead…


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