Critique Partners Save the World from Crap

Critique partners are an invaluable tool in writing. Whenever I’m in the throes of a book, whether figuring out the overall plot at the beginning, working my way through the guts of the story, or coming out the other side headed toward “The End,” my CPs keep me on the straight and narrow.

In my world, a good CP doesn’t pull any punches. They know they aren’t doing me any favors by saying, “Great!” when it’s not great. In fact, they would be leaving me to the wolves—and acquiring editors are wolves! (LOL The truth is editors simply have no reason to say something is great if it’s crap…and so they don’t.) My CPs are my most powerful line of defense against sending out sub-par work.

Of course, they can’t make my writing perfect—no CP should be expected to do that. Besides, that’s supposed to be my job. They do, however, keep me from letting it go out into the “acquiring editor world” as crap.

So, today is “Thank goodness I have CPs who will read my stuff” day. Thank you Dee Carney, L. Shannon, and Samara King! You ladies ROCK!

And now, off to write some stuff for them to look at!


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