#SixSunday Seducing Sabine by Moira Reid

Welcome fans of/fellow sixxers! I’m so glad you stopped in, and I truly appreciate your comments each week. Sunday is becoming my favorite day of the week.

These six are from my short story, Seducing Sabine, a cougar story about a spurned wife and energetic younger man.

He rubbed his palm down the side of her arm.

The words combined with his touch struck a chord that vibrated low in her belly. His eyes sparkled, his mouth set in a seductive grin.

Was he flirting with her?

Don’t be ridiculous, she told herself. She stepped past him and walked unsteadily to the kitchen.

For more on Seducing Sabine, check it out here.

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See ya next week!



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28 responses to “#SixSunday Seducing Sabine by Moira Reid

  1. Oh, he’s definitely flirting…lol…nice 6

  2. Jennifer Lowery

    Oh, he so was! Love it! Great six!

  3. Her body’s telling her one thing, her mind another thing. Great six!

  4. Oh, I love a good cougar story! A very evocative and intriguing six, Moira!

  5. Wonderful six! I definitely want to see where this leads!

  6. She’s forgotten the clues in her (sounds like) loveless marriage. Fun six, Moira. 🙂

  7. Love the contrast between physical and mental 🙂

  8. Oh, very sensual. Hopefully she can get over her self-consciousness. 🙂

  9. Oh, yes, please DO be ridiculous! Only it’s not ridiculous … oh, yum. Love how much promise there is of things to come!

  10. He’s totally flirting. And it sounds like he’s really good at it.

  11. I do love a cougar story! Super six!

  12. Monica Enderle Pierce

    He is sooo flirting! Yum!

  13. Oh, but he is! Fun moment. 🙂

  14. Yup, of course he’s flirting. Nice six, Moira!

  15. Love that it’s left her unsteady, lol.

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