Zombie Love—The Walking Dead as Romance?

Generally in a romance novel, we have the hero, the heroine…a villain sometimes…and a big obstacle—something keeping our lovely couple from their happily ever after—right up until “The End.”

In Walking Dead, AMC’s hit television show about the zombie apocalypse, the hero is Rick Grimes, a police officer and the leader of a small group of survivors. This particular group includes his wife, Lori, and one-time partner on the force, Shane Walsh. There are others, but these three made up the show’s main love triangle—hero, heroine, villain.

And of course, the obstacle is, you guessed it, zombies.


Until, of course, Rick killed Shane in last night’s episode. That sort of destroyed the triangle, but I don’t think Rick and Lori have a big HEA to look forward to yet…the zombies are quite an obstacle to HEA. (Not to mention the whole, “What? You killed him?” conversation I’m looking forward to next week.)

No matter, because Shane was a small obstacle compared to the zombie hoard. Which is, of course, why Walking Dead is a (comic book) series and not a novel. A long-standing, sturdy, and practically unassailable obstacle gives a story the oomph it needs to become a series.

The Walking Dead is undeniably a success. Somewhere between 5 and 11 million people are watching it (can’t get a straight answer on that). So, how can I use this approach in my own work?

Today, I’m going to go through a list of possible “zombie apocalypse” type obstacles and see what I can come up with…

Stay tuned, and feel free to share your some Zombie love!


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