#Sixsunday Online Dating–Nightmare or Dream Come True?

Something out of my funniest book, Paid in Full.

I couldn’t find a good man no matter what I did. I was just desperate. So, being the organized person I am, I made a list. First, friends set me up; then I went to clubs; then I took night classes—the welding one was about the worst of those. After the fringes of my hair caught fire, I dropped the class, got the fried ends cut off and almost gave up. Honestly, welding looked so much easier in Flashdance.

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16 responses to “#Sixsunday Online Dating–Nightmare or Dream Come True?

  1. Jennifer Lowery

    LOL! Love the humor in your six!

  2. LOL, everything looked better in Flashdance. Great humor.

  3. LOL! This still makes me laugh! Great book.

  4. LMAO! My husband has a “sunburn” from welding as I type. (Not a pretty hobby. *grin*) This is hilarious – you have a great voice!

  5. Ha laughing out loud – great six! Flashdance must be held responsible for so many welding accidents!

  6. Love the voice and humor of the piece. You caught me! Am adding to my TBR list.

  7. LOL. Great snippet. Loved the humor and the characterization.

  8. LOL, great 6! Love her attempts to find a man– I hadn’t thought of taking night classes, but I guess I’ll skip welding 😉

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