Blogging on a Rainy Monday-Top 10 Ways to Self Motivate!

Yep, it’s raining here today. Dreary skies, pouring rain and thunder. Great if you’re lying on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching old movies—not so great if you’re trying to get yourself motivated to work.

How do you self-motivate when you’re just not feeling the work-love?

I try different things on different days. What worked for me one day won’t come close to dragging me off the sofa on the next. Here are the top 10 Ways I get my keester moving when it just doesn’t want to!

Imagine me, vegging on the sofa…here’s what I do:

10. Get up, go to the computer and turn it on. I might just read my email, check the Twitter feed, or see who is commenting on Facebook, but this gets me in my seat and helps switch on the “time to work” button.

9. Grab a piece of paper and jot down a To Do List. I write down all the things I’d love to get done today IF I were motivated. Almost always, something on that list will get me fired up and to work.

8. Look over the To Do List. If nothing inspires me at all, I promise myself I will pick one, and do it. Just one. Many times, after I do that one, I am rolling so I’ll do another…and another.

7. Call one of my super motivated buddies and tell them what I’m doing—confess that I’ve become part of the sofa. My buddy will belittle me and insist I get my a** moving. The guilt almost always works.

6. Make a deal/commitment with a buddy—like, we’ll share what we’ve done at the end of each day. I know I have to do something because I’ve promised, and she’s going to be sending me something! I can’t let her down!

5. Give myself a choice—I can get up and do a hundred sit-ups, or I can go to the computer. Those are the only two choices I get. Yeah, hardly ever do those sit-ups.

4. Let my family see me lying on the sofa. Tell them I’ve become a complete slug and confess that I’ll never get anywhere in my career as I lie in the popcorn kernels and potato chip crumbs. The looks they give are enough to get anyone off the sofa.

3. Promise myself gifts! IF I get the most important 2 (or 3 or 4) things on my list done today, I get my favorite thing in the world—a Starbucks latte! With a blueberry scone!

2. Picture myself doing the work, making progress, smiling with a sense of accomplishment. Then picture myself years from now, still sitting on the sofa—fatter, poorer, and nowhere. Yeah, that’s a good one.

1. Finally, if none of these things work, I must be ill. I restrict myself to bed—no television, no books, no phone. Just sleep. If I’m not really sick, I’ll get tired of that pretty quick. If I am, I probably need the rest.

Best of luck getting yourself motivated, too! If you have a favorite trick that works for you, please share it!


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