Big Week!

I’m going to see The Hunger Games today. Woot! (Had to wait for Sis to get back in town because I promised, but have been going NUTS waiting). I marked my calendar back in December and was sure the time would *never* come, but it’s finally here! Big bucket of greasy popcorn and gallon of Diet Coke, here I come!!

Also, J.R. Ward’s newest Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire book, Lover Reborn, comes out tomorrow! I’ve been watching her homemade videos on Facebook leading up to the release…pretty funny. Best part is seeing how gorgeous her house is. So tomorrow I won’t get a heck of a lot done since I’ll be reading from dawn until dark…and probably longer. I heard this one is HUGE, and I’m not a fast reader. Also, I have a tendency (if I like a book) to reread it almost immediately.

New Member orientation at the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow, though…hmm. Wonder if I can read in the car on the way there. And I’ve been invited to the Kiwanis Club on Tuesday. Man, timing is off on that—might be up all night reading. There’s a blood drive on Thursday, so gotta go to that. Leads meeting on Thursday, too. Also, I’ve got a couple of clients I’ve got to get with before Friday. Crazy week. That’s self-employment for ya. And as we all know, tax time is approaching…sigh. Too much to do, too little time.

Hope all of your days are full, too! (And really hope you can squeeze in time to read!)

Have a good week!


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