How about a little class in Seduction? #sixsunday

Yay, it’s Six Sentence Sunday! I’m starting to love Sundays! This week, the six are from Seduction 101! Enjoy!

The world was not a reasonable place if jerks like Harris made women doubt their own beauty.

“Eric?” she asked. “Is my personal humiliation taking up too much of your time over there?”

“You’re not ugly,” he finally said as he watched her slender fingers fiddle with the Rock-Paper-Scissors paperweight he’d given her last Christmas. He imagined those hands wrapped around Harris but quickly shook his head to clear the thought away. Visions of her with Harris would not bolster his control–she could not end up with Harris.

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7 responses to “How about a little class in Seduction? #sixsunday

  1. Love the hint of possessiveness!

  2. Jennifer Lowery

    Like that alpha in him! Great six!

  3. No, she definitely shouldn’t end up with Harris! Rooting for Eric!

  4. Awww, so sweet. I love him, even if he isn’t poetic. 😉 I like your heroine too, she sounds feisty.

  5. Love the last line! Harris sounds like a jerk. Hope she ends up with the sweet Eric!

  6. I love his possessiveness. I wonder…does she have any idea how he feels about her? 🙂

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