Do I Really Need a Smart Phone?

In the interest of getting more organized and staying on top of my life…I invested in an iphone last week. I’ve had the phone exactly 6 days, and I honestly don’t know how I kept up with all of the details of my life before then!

Wondering if you should get one? Here’s what I wish I’d known two years ago–

I really do need to see my emails the minute they arrive in my in-box, and when they require immediate attention, no matter where I am, I can handle them.

I need my contacts and phone numbers and calendar all in one location…and it fits in my pocket! No more organizer and business card holder and notepad.

The built-in GPS has already saved my forever-lost-butt three times! Gave my old GPS to hubby.

The built-in camera comes in very handy, and I was able to get rid of the small one I was carrying in my purse–which always had dead batteries right when I needed it.

I know the weather anytime–the Weather Channel app is free and up-to-the-minute.

I can read my Kindle books anywhere, anytime–waiting in line, at the doctor’s office–and still read them on my actual Kindle at home. (No more carrying both with me.)

I don’t have to try to type my stupid texts anymore–the iphone has voice recognition and types it for me. Incredibly accurate.

That’s a short list of why I love it…there are multiple apps on my phone already, and I use them all. If you haven’t broken down and gotten yourself one of these smart phones, do it today. COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

If you’ve been wondering if you need one…YOU DO. Don’t wait like I did. I say again:¬†Completely worth it!



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