Fight Procrastination! (…uh, with what?)

I wanted to write about my procrastination habit, but then I thought I’d put it off until next week’s blog post… (Okay, yeah that was a joke.)

I’ve decided to take myself in hand, and since I’m too cheap to hire the therapist I so desperately need, I’m going to serve as my own therapist.

Dr. Moore: So, Moira, what are you procrastinating?

Moira: Well, Doctor, I guess it’s finishing the polishing draft of the 3 novels I wrote in 2011–I’ve managed to procrastinate all of these since December.

Dr. Moore: Really? You’ve finished three novels and haven’t gotten them out into the world yet? What’s the problem exactly? Why do you think you’re procrastinating?

Moira: Fear of success? Fear of failure? Laziness? Lack of direction? All of the above? I’m not sure.

Dr. Moore: And how is your procrastination revealing itself?

Moira: Huh?

Dr. Moore: Well, how do you know you’re procrastinating? Perhaps you’re just too busy to get to it.

Moira: Well, I don’t just sit around all day doing nothing. I do a lot. The house is clean and the family is fed and the laundry is done. My bills are paid and my business is moving along well! Of course, none of these activities got me any closer to finishing the novels.

Dr. Moore: You’re burying your procrastination in activities.

Moira: Okay. Sure. That.

Dr. Moore: And what are the repercussions of this procrastination?

Moira: Guilt. Anxiety. Exhaustion. Depression. Anger.

Dr. Moore: Good, now we’re getting somewhere.

Moira: We are?

Dr. Moore: Absolutely. And in our next session, we’ll decide what to do to fix this.

Moira: Next session? Is this a joke?

Dr. Moore: (checking watch) Nope, not a joke. See you next week.

Moira: Terrific.


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