SuperBetter and the iPhone

I’m a huge fan of the iPhone. I’ve had it for going on 3 months now, (I’ve gotten my 3rd bill, so I think that’s right), and I can’t imagine keeping up with my schedule without it anymore. I’m forever adding apps to boost my productivity (and a few to kill it! Love Zombie Highway).

The lastest app I’ve added is SuperBetter, and it was free when I downloaded it.

The idea behind SuperBetter is gaining control of the things you want to accomplish and fighting off the evildoers along the way–and it’s played almost like a video game. There are “Bad Guys” along the way while you pursue your “Quests” and you’ll have “Allies” helping you.

I’ve only had it a couple of days, but so far I’ve used two Powerpacks and fought off four Bad Guys not to mention accomplished two Quests!

If you’ve been looking for a more entertaining way to accomplish your goals than making a list and simply crossing off items, give SuperBetter a try.


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