Zombies and Mean Moms

I’m having my 13-year old daughter read novels this summer (as I’ve done in summers past). When she was younger, I’d give her little prizes as she finished books. Now, I just make her do it. She’d rather Facebook or text her friends all day, but I figure, a couple of chapters to fill her mind with something besides, “LOL! OMG! Justin Bieber!” will be good for her.

She finished the Hunger Games trilogy and liked it, but strangely, it didn’t make her want to run out and find similar types of books to read—as it did me.

I’d love for her to be as excited about reading as I am, but until that happens, I make her do it. Call me the “mean mom.” Her English grades last year were excellent, and her SOL scores in English were top notch—so yeah, I feel vindicated. Mean Moms Unite!

We went to the library yesterday, and she chose a book to read next. I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It by Alex Selzer. I chose a book for her written by Joyce Carol Oates called Big Mouth and Ugly Girl. I read them both while she was finishing up the last Hunger Games book (which, if you haven’t read The Hunger Games—Oh my God, what are you waiting for? Go now and get them!).

Honestly, I liked the zombie book better. LOL The Oates book was good, too, but the Zombie book was more entertaining. Of course, the open discussions about sex and drugs (as if this were normal) made me absolutely squirm in my seat—and not in a good way—but I guess that’s the reality we’re living in.

I wanted to get her something more traditional like J.D. Salinger or S.E. Hinton or Arthur C. Clarke (That was Then This is Now, Catcher in the Rye and Childhood’s End were three of my favorite books at that age), but the library apparently thinks we need new stuff. I’ll have to hit the bookstore to get the classics.

Until then, we’ve got zombies…


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