Blame It On The Coffee #sixsunday

From my current WIP which I’m calling Blame It On The Coffee:

I unfurl the wadded legal paper and flatten it on the desk. Switching on the desk lamp, I drop into the chair and take a deep breath.

Where you live is how you love
Strong, tender, forthright
Love crumbles mountains
And build cathedrals
Smiles stop the flow of rivers
And brighten the sun in midday
You are tender compassion
And gentle breezes

I read it again then close my eyes.

These few lines are sweeter than anything I’ve ever seen ever and if they are about me, this guy thinks I’m incredible. Who wouldn’t love that?

But are they for me–and if so, who the hell is writing them?

It’s my first attempt at writing in first person, present tense. Kind of fun, but a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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3 responses to “Blame It On The Coffee #sixsunday

  1. Why am I only now hearing about this story?! This is so yummy!!

  2. Very nice, very. Your first person is great, and the last line–wow! It begs: what’s going on here??

  3. Awwww, romance! And a secret admirer. Interesting six!

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