Enter to Win FREE BOOK – Seduction 101

Interview with Eric from Seduction 101

I’m sitting in the classroom waiting—along with about fifty other women—for Eric to show up. A friend of a friend of a friend of mine—some girl named Julia—swears by this guy and since it has been eight months since I’ve had a date, much less a “close encounter of the sexual kind,” I decided to take a chance on his class.

This girl, Julia, says that Eric is a master at teaching women what they need to know to attract men. That remains to be seen.

I’m fishing around in my purse for my Chapstick when the room falls silent. I glance up.


To read the rest of the interview with sexy Eric, the hero of Seduction 101, go to the link and ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK!


Interview is on the awesome website, Heartthrob Haven!!!


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