New Method for Getting Words on the Page!

A few years ago when I really got serious about writing, I tried various methods of getting the words on the page.

One of the more successful was the Timer Method…set a timer, and write like crazy until it goes off. No editing—no changing anything—just writing. I got a lot of books written that way.

But I took a pretty long break over the last year to get my new business off the ground. Moore Bookkeeping opened on Halloween 2011, and so far, I’m quite happy with the way business is going. I love my clients, and I love having control over my own time—when I want to balance checkbooks at 4 a.m. or midnight or on Labor Day, no one is there to tell me, “No, dear. We work 8-5, Monday through Friday.”

Recently, I decided I wanted to take some time on the weekends to dive back into the writing that I love. Romance and suspense!

But, I’d forgotten how to do it.

The first few times I sat down and tried to write, I grabbed my timer and stumbled my way through a few pages. Of crap. The magic was gone! What had happened to Writer Deb?

Yesterday, a writer buddy of mine came up with a new method—it doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m calling it “500 wph” as in 500 words per hour.

It works like this: you’ve got an hour. The goal is 500 words. You write until you’ve got 500 words, then you let the rest of the hour tick by. That’s it. Simple, right?

At first, it seemed too simple, and really, not all that industrious. I used to write 500 words every 20 minutes…wasn’t this lame?

Nope. Yesterday, my buddy and I wrote almost 10,000 words in total. And we weren’t stressed…it was fun, in fact. A doable goal and moving slowly enough not to be writing total crap was an eye-opener.

And I’m back on the writing train…moving at 500 wph.


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