Sitting for the CPA

I opened my bookkeeping business almost a year ago, and the most common question I get from people I meet?

“Are you a CPA?”

I’m not. I was an actuary before I ever dreamed of doing accounting.

(In case you have no idea what an actuary is, you’re not alone…the simplest explanation is this: actuaries are math geeks who specialize in protecting companies from loss through the study of statistics and probabilities.)

So from actuary to bookkeeper…and onto accountant?

I got to thinking about it…then decided to do it. I’m a math geek…why not an accounting geek, right?

In order to sit for the exam in this state, a person has to have a college degree (done) with 24 college credit hours specifically in accounting topics. Uh, yeah, no. Actuaries study Matrix, Calculus, Differential Equations, Probabilities, etc., not Taxes and Auditing and Cost Accounting.

So, yours truly has gone back to school (part-time, of course) to get the hours I need to sit for the exam. I figure it will take almost 2 years to get them all.

I’m going to be 2 years older anyway, right? Or I won’t, in which case it won’t matter anyway…

So, writing and bookkeeping and studying…this is my life.

Busy much?



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