Pulling It All Together for Nano

I am getting my plot together for my nano book, soon to begin being written. I started a Tiddlywiki to keep all my notes together–and I have to say, that’s a great way to go if you’re forever trying to figure out how to keep track of everything you need to write a book.

It has been a while since I’ve plotted a story, so I started checking around for some methods to do it–honestly, I kind of felt like I forgot what I was supposed to do. If you’re stuck, here are some places to try:

7 Point System for Plotting

Triangle of Writing Metrics

Index Cards

JK Rowling’s Worksheet

Outlining According to Writer’s Digest

Snowflake Method

Planning with Post-Its

If none of these help, there’s always pantsing it…Rock on, everybody!




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