Nano Advice of the Day

From the Nanowrimo boards:

Help! I can’t suppress my inner editor! I have a wonderful outline, plot and character development going on, but my inner editor cannot stop coming out, keeping myself from writing the next sentence until I perfect the previous one….arg! Any suggestions?

It is hard to leave something you know is wrong/crap/annoying behind and tell yourself you’ll fix it later. It’s really tough and it tends to hang over the keyboard like a bad fart…so here’s an option.

Do you write for a certain amount of time, then edit, or are you editing every sentence as you go…and going sooo slowly in the process you want to smack something?

Either way, try this once:

Set a timer and write for 20 minutes. Just write, leave in everything. This is the “permission to write crap” 20 minutes. Doesn’t matter if it’s crap…won’t matter at all.

When the timer stops, you stop writing.

Now, set the timer again…the gloriously magical “10 minutes to fix it” portion of our program begins.

You spend this 10 minutes and you have total permission to fix what you’ve got.No new stuff is necessary…just fix what there is.

When the 10 is over, start a new 20. Leave that old stuff…it’s fixed well enough for now. You had your 10 to fix it…let it simmer for the rest of the month. (First because you’ll never get 50,000 if you keep going back over and over again, and second, because you’ll be astounded when you’re through the first draft at how non-sucky it actually is.

Best of luck! Let me know if this works for you!


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