A Jump on 2013!

I got a jump on 2013 by starting my list of to-do’s for the year. I started by checking what unfinished or nearly finished manuscripts I had. Generally, I like to start new stories, but I had a feeling there was stuff on the hard drive I should check first. Talk  about a shock. Hello…11 stories I had mostly and completely finished but sitting on the computer going nowhere!

So, 2013 is going to be the year I get those done and out to publishers.

I started out by printing the one closest to ready. It was a story for a specific call for Superhero stories. It was rejected, but I’d considered it ready enough to submit, so it must be ready, right? Starting there seemed like the best place to start. Give it a final  polish and get it out, right?


I read it, and now I know why it was rejected. It was terrible. LOL

So, I’ve started making notes and will have it done and out to publishers by January 31st. First goal, ready to roll!

Anybody else starting early on their 2013 goals?


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