Week 1 Goal Check-in

Started classes this week—I’m taking 2 this semester. One is just your basic Accounting and the other is Auditing.

Also, it’s year-end so I’ve got payroll tax filings and W-2’s to take care of along with the usual monthly financial reporting in my bookkeeping business. www.moorebookkeeping.com

In addition, my kid turns 14 this Saturday, and she wanted a place where all of her friends could hang out (besides her bedroom—which is probably less appropriate at this age anyway). So, my husband and I did a complete revamp of her toy room downstairs. (The first photo is AFTER we made 2 trips to Goodwill with full truck-loads of toys spanning the past 13 years.)

Photo Jan 01, 11 19 54 AM

Photo Jan 04, 9 59 46 PMAnd I’m finally ready to make some headway on my writing stuff. I did read the story I’d written along with some notes on how to fix it. Getting rolling on that this week!

So, in spite of life interrupting art, I’m moving along! How’s everyone else doing on their goals?


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